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HR Bridges has following off the shelf services

Talent Acquisition

Attracting high quality, experienced employees to fit your corporate culture is always a challenge. Adding the complexities of skills, qualification & experience levels desired, finding the perfect employee can become almost impossible.
With HR Bridges’ effective recruitment techniques, you get candidates who are the best fit to your requirements. We also offer consulting services on formulating policies and procedures on recruitment which can save you time and money. Our recruitment services are free of cost for job seeker.

Database Selection

This service primarily addresses requirements for all levels  in organisations leveraging on HR Bridge’s growing database of over 1,00,000 professionals who seek career-enhancing opportunities through HR Bridges in different career streams. HR Bridges process of validating candidate interest in a client's positions ensures that non-serious applicants are eliminated.

Our talent acquisition services include:

  • Job analysis and creation of Job Description

  • Candidate identification

  • Screening and interviewing

  • Technical evaluation on some of the vertical areas (e.g. IT Technology)

  • Reference/credential verification

  • Salary and contract negotiation

  • Post joining Counselling

We offer the most appropriate approach to executing a talent search assignment. The possible strategies could be

a) Database Selection

This service primarily addresses requirements for all levels in organisations leveraging on HR Bridges’ growing database of over 2 lakh professionals who seek career-enhancing opportunities through HR Bridges in different career streams. HR Bridges’ process of validating candidate interest in a client's positions ensures that non-serious applicants are eliminated.

b) Advertised Recruitment

A service offered when there is a need felt to reach out and attract specific segments of personnel or when other means of sourcing personnel have not yielded the required number or quality of personnel. Advertised recruitment is often a strategic choice guided by volume of requirements, perceived ease of attracting suitable candidates, budgets and sometimes the client's desire to catch the public eye.

c) Turnkey Recruitment Services


This is an innovation from HR Bridges that seeks to address large requirements from clients at all levels. Typical scenarios where this service is well suited are start-ups, new project manning, plant expansion, scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams

Testing Services

As a Human Resources powerhouse our expertise in the areas of testing and assessment lends a visible value addition when combined with the power of staffing. We do it through well- researched, standardized and renowned tests that can be customized to suit each of our client's unique requirements.

  • Usage of world renowned and highly standardized tests

  • Provision of "off-the shelf solutions for a wide variety of personnel selection and development challenges

  • Tests that are reliable and easy-to-use

  • Professional and knowledgeable support from psychologists/trained professionals

  • Online test administration enabling easy access of tests


Consulting & Execution

Our strength lies in conceptualizing and executing strategies based on the human resource development needs of an organization. Some of our key strength areas are

  • People Development & Training

Performance Management is a Key Initiative of HR Bridges. The spectrum of services includes review, design & re-design of the Performance Management System, communication workshops for the understanding of the system.
We distinguish ourselves from others because we provide services in the area of "Determining Key Result Areas". This expertise transcends beyond HR and enters the realm of Business Processes. HR Bridges actually enables each employee of the client organization to finalize his / her quantified KRA which gets detailed into the Performance Management System.
One of the best ways to optimise employee productivity and performance is training. We provide a wide range of training and development solutions. The programmes can be customized as per clients business needs.

  • Rewards & Recognition – monetary as well as non-monetary

  • Compensation, incentives & bonus design

  • Change Management



Travel Facilitation

Travel & Entertainment (T & E) spends form the second largest component of G & A especially among IT/ITES services businesses (American Express Survey of 2006.) Organisations have successfully managed to extract the best value for monies spent by investing on experts from the airline industry. Significant contributions to bottom-line have been achieved.
It is imperative for companies that see considerable contributions to revenues from their onsite businesses to focus on maximizing the control of T & E spends. Processes and systems that can streamline the control and service aspect can derive significant value in terms of cost and predictability of the service function for internal customers (employee travellers.)
Pioneers in corporate global mobility practices are today, consultants with HR Bridges. This team can deliver a comprehensive process implementation, augmented by adequate controls that provide synergy to accounting functions in the corporate with contemporary MIS report generation. Post implementation, periodic audits for cost control and statutory immigration compliance is also offered. The team from HR Bridges can certainly enhance customer satisfaction (both internal and external.



Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPO's) act as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO's manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve  compliance.

Recruitment process is a key function of human resource management team in any organization. It is a critical process, which includes sourcing, assessment, interviewing, and sometimes new-hire administration and orientation. It is a task that consumes the time of many dedicated resources in-house. For staffing and consulting firms it is difficult to acquire a large number of recruitment resources.

Following can be outsourced from your recruitment process

  • Prepare a Job Description

  • Managing the response

  • Shortlisting candidates

  • Arranging Interview

Our offsite recruiters will work as a part of your HR team. We assure

  • A Quick turnaround time

  • A large group of candidates meeting your requirement

  • Regular status reporting

  • Candidate quality and skill check before interview

  • Access to all major job sites